Fashion Photography Tutorial – Little Gems 6

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The Long Awaited Fashion Photography Tutorial – Little Gems 6
The brief for the image featured in this months fashion photography tutorial was to produce a fashion story of 8 dresses for a fashion designer based in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The dresses were all made from flowing chiffon with very saturated colored patterns. The images would need to have a lot of movement in the fabrics shot against a background of the sky and the desert floor.

Like any location shoot there would be a lot of planning and preparation to be done prior to the shoot. Several things to take into account re getting there, re dealing with the elements of harsh sunlight, wind, dust storms all of which actually made it a very tough shoot to produce.

Achieving My Clients Objective
As in previous fashion photography tutorials regarding achieving the clients objectives, its very important that the images that you produce for your client meet with their needs.

For this project my clients most important factors were to have images that could be used for submission as magazine editorials and her own press adds, so they had to be images that would appeal to fashion magazine editors or they would not get published.

The type of magazines that the images would be submitted to needed to be those that suite the ideals and lifestyle of the potential buyers of my clients clothes. To ensure this, I wanted to shoot the dresses with a very edgy/editorial feel to them. Unlike images for a catalog/look book where every detail and the cut, the color, the fall of the outfit etc are needed to be seen clearly in the image.

The editorial image is about a combination of reflecting trend and creativity, in easy terms, images that tell a story, exciting and interesting but also showing the feel of the outfits that the client envisaged when designing them.

To bring the clients vision into this shoot i wanted to emphasize the colors and the flowing softness of the chiffon dresses by shooting them against the vibrant blue of the desert sky as well as the starkness of the desert floor using the natural wind to create the movement to the flowing fabrics, this was my interpretation of achieving my clients needs. It sounds very easy but how do you guarantee your going to achieve all of this.

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